Phantasm, for me, is my little revenge film - to all those who feel they can take and take and take... and then claim it as their own. 

"Who are you, without me?" ... is a question I have had to ask myself time and time again. And over the past two years I have struggled with. This film, in its creation, was for me... and now I can give it to you.

It may seem selfish, but I craved to be in control. My experience as a gay person, especially in my youth, resulted in feeling that I have not very often been in a safe place to have an opinion and stand up for myself. There is always anxiety... in public, behind closed doors... to be a certain way so you don't have to face the judgement. This film is a reflection of the world I live in. It is also an act of beginning to stand up.

I was able put it all out on the stage with the help of a team I trust and believe in endlessly. I did it in my hometown, in the town hall where I had my nose broken for being a faggot. I hope to have the chance to make many more films.


Joseph Hinds

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